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We have developed a 12 step process generated over the last 20+ years after working with some of the world’s leading organisations and for over 500 organisations each year. Our directors are all published authors and speakers on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement.

Step 1 - Objectives analysis

Meetings with all the stakeholders and customer interfacing staff to confirm the business objectives, identify any issues that may arise, how outputs are to be delivered and the critical time path

Step 2 - Ask the right questions to the right people

This phase is optional but highly recommended. TLF can design a questionnaire using our extensive experience across industry and public sectors and our database of questionnaires

a. Exploratory research via face to face depth interviews or focus groups with customers to identify the requirements of most importance, which forms the basis of the main survey questionnaire design

b. Identify the DMU (decision making unit) of customers to ensure the main survey sample is representative of the business

Step 3 - Identify what matters most to customers

Measure the relative importance of requirements to customers

Step 4 - Identify what drives customer satisfaction and loyalty

Using advanced statistical techniques we identify what impacts most on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Step 5 - Identify how satisfied or dissatisfied customers are and why

a. Measure customer perceptions and probe the reasons for these perceptions

b. Identify the areas of highest satisfaction and highest dissatisfaction

Step 6 - Identify the level of loyalty customers have to the organisation

Using a number of tried and tested loyalty questions including Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score (as applicable) we identify the various levels of loyalty

Step 7 - Identify the satisfaction gaps

Analysis of the relative importance of requirements compared to customer satisfaction provides a clear picture of whether you are doing best what matters most

Step 8 - Satisfaction Index

A Satisfaction Index using our proven theory will be created overall and for any necessary departmental and/or customer segments

Step 9 - Benchmarking

Whether it be against the best in the world or your direct competitor/s we show you how your performance stacks up against over 500 other organisations globally overall and by satisfaction measure

Step 10 - Customer centricity

Are your employees on the same page as customers? By conducting a mirror survey with customer facing employees we identify how customer centric your business actually is and where the gaps exist

Step 11 - Identifying the priorities for improvement

A thorough analysis of all the outcomes clearly highlights where improvement will drive the greatest gain in customer satisfaction and loyalty

Step 12 - Action Plan

We work with you post survey to facilitate action planning workshops to identify quick wins and other business strategies needed to improve your customers’ experience

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