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Most organisations now measure customer satisfaction or Net Promoter Score (NPS) in some form; however many are disappointed with the outcomes. They find it difficult to decipher actionable information from which they can develop strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

What they really need is for someone to take out the complexity and produce results that show the way forward.

What they really need is TLF Research & Insight

TLF Research designs and implements effective and efficient customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement processes that create a sustainable, competitive advantage for your organisation.

We use leading edge analytical techniques and take a rigorous scientific approach that provides you with accurate and clear information. This is achieved, quite simply, because we ask the right questions, ask the right people, get the right answers and draw the right conclusions.

Your customer-driven decision making becomes a great deal easier.


Global Benchmarking

With over 500 customer satisfaction research studies globally each year, TLF Research can benchmark your performance against all other organisations we work with and those within your own business sector.

We can also benchmark your performance for NPS and individual satisfaction measures to see how you perform relative to ‘Best in Class’.

Clients “say”

“Good quality research underpins all good marketing. My experience working with TLF led to the marketing strategies and customer satisfaction programs that took us to the top of the industry in terms of growth and profitability.”

Simon Graham – Marketing Manager DOOLEYS

“Thank you so much for all your amazing help conducting our customer survey, your insights and time are both appreciated immensely. We have learned so much and it has been a pleasure working with you. We’ve already seen improvements and can’t wait to to see where all the newfound knowledge helps us as a company.”

Phillip Gray – General Manager, Marquis

Customer Insight magazine

Created and published in house by TLF Research. Customer Insight magazine is our way of sharing features, case studies and latest thinking on creating an outstanding customer experience. All designed to inform, stimulate debate and sometimes to provoke. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy creating it!

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Are you doing best, what matters most?

Tracking customer satisfaction for a range of customer touch points, and at different stages of the customer lifecycle, will quickly help you identify what matters most to your customers and any areas where you are not meeting their expectations.

TLF’s Satisfaction Index™ combines the importance customers place on your different product or service aspects with how satisfied they currently are with your performance on them. As a result, this Satisfaction Index™ provides you with a more robust and accurate metric than can be obtained by asking single over-arching questions, and therefore better reflects your business improvement priorities.